The James A. Greenleaf, JR.
Memorial Scholarship Fund

In loving honor and memory of a dear family member and friend.

James Greenleaf


The James A. Greenleaf, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 2002 to honor and remember a dear family member and special friend who lost his life as a result of the catastrophe that occurred in New York City in 2001. The funds provide financial assistance to students attending St. Bernard High School as well as graduating seniors from Waterford High School, Fitch High School and New London High School towards their college tuition.

The financial assistance that the scholarship fund offers creates a lasting tribute to Jim by providing financial assistance to students, allowing them to attain their educational objectives while fostering strong relationships with others, achievements in extra-curricular activities and their own individual pursuits.

The three annual events have shaped our fundraising program, they've raised thousands of dollars and bring us closer to our goal of providing full tuition scholarships to St. Bernard High School to a freshman, sophomore, junior and senior each year, while continuing to offer financial assistance for college bound seniors from Waterford, Fitch and New London High School. Your gift today will help us achieve our goal of establishing a fund in perpetuity that provides ongoing and impactful scholarships for students long after many of us who knew Jim directly are gone.

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